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The daily well-being of children and staff is the basis of our daily operations. Our shared values ​​are quality, safety, individuality, and respect.


  • High-quality activities are the basis of our educational work.
  • Trained and dedicated staff are responsible for implementing good, planned, and targeted early childhood education and pre-school education.
  • Small groups ensure that our staff are able to take into account children's individual needs.
  • Excursions and celebrations complement our activities and expand the child's learning environment.
  • Good teaching tools and materials enable diverse educational and teaching work.
  • Appropriate time has been set aside for staff for continuous development where they can plan, implement, and develop high-quality early childhood education and pre-school education.


  • Every child has the right to a good and safe childhood, and every adult has the right to work in a safe workplace.
  • We create an environment in which the child has the opportunity to express and realize him/herself, and in which the atmosphere is positive, accommodating, and encouraging to learn new things.
  • The understanding staff will make sure it is safe for the child to share their thoughts and feelings.
  • Safety is enhanced by our staff who know the child well and maintain familiar daily routines and safeguards jointly agreed rules.
  • We take care of the safety of the physical environment of our kindergartens.
  • In our welcoming and caring environment, the child will feel accepted, appreciated and valued.


  • Every one of us can be ourselves.
  • We respect everyone's boundaries, desires, and needs.
  • Our activities are based on the child's previous experiences, interests, and competencies.
  • We value free play, and we support the child's own initiative.
  • Our staff helps the child to be confident and to see their own strengths.
  • In our kindergarten, the staff are encouraged to use their own strengths. The diverse backgrounds of the work community are an asset.


  • We treat ourselves, others and our environment with respect and adhere to the principles of sustainable development.
  • We study and learn to appreciate nature and our surroundings.
  • Courtesy and good manners are commonplace for us.
  • We support the development of the child's social skills and individual responsibility as a member of the group.
  • We respect our families and want to support them in their parental education through open collaboration.
  • Children need to be involved in their own lives - their voices and opinions are reflected in all our activities.

Children's development and well-being are the fundaments of our operations! Every child deserves to be seen and we want to see every child.

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