Is your family moving to Finland from another country? Or are you returning to Finland after a few years abroad? Would you like your child to grow up in an environment where he or she can maintain and/or improve language skills, without forgetting a caring environment that supports the child's learning and development?

The move itself can be challenging for the child. It is therefore of paramount importance that your child feels comfortable in the new kindergarten and receives the attention he or she needs.

At Espoo Englanninkielinen Leikkikoulu, we want to support your child's adaptation to Finland by providing a kindergarten environment where English is our common language. As a small kindergarten, we have the opportunity to get to know each child, and thus individually support them.

Early childhood education and preschool

You can apply for a place at our kindergarten either for early childhood education (3 to 5-year-olds) or pre-school education (6-year-olds). You can apply for both through the kindergarten application. In addition, you must apply for pre-school education through the official pre-school education application form of the City of Espoo. You can apply for a pre-school place with us even if your child has not previously attended our kindergarten.

In most cases, children start the kindergarten in August at the beginning of the new school year. Places may also become available in the middle of the term. You should send us your kindergarten application as early as possible and let us know when you would like your child to start. Once your child is on our register, we can offer the family a place as soon as a place becomes available. 

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The experience of a family who moved to Finland from abroad - EEL met all the criteria with flying colours!

When we returned to Finland from a posting abroad and were looking for a daycare and pre-school for our children, our key criteria were; a homely and positive atmosphere, nice friends, enthusiastic staff, and the opportunity to maintain and learn English while also strengthening Finnish language skills.

EEL met all the criteria with flying colours!

Ever since our children started at EEL, mornings have been wonderfully easy. We have been eager to go to the kindergarten every morning because it is so much fun!

It has been great to see how excited the children are about the activities at the kindergarten. Every day the teachers do wonders to delight, teach and inspire the little ones. The staff are skilful at catering for the children's interests. A wide variety of science experiments and projects in the spirit of Harry Potter, Minecraft and Pokémon have been carried out in the kindergarten and pre-school.

When we returned to Finland, we didn't know anyone in Kilo, and starting in a new kindergarten was daunting. However, the children settled effortlessly into their own groups and have made many wonderful and probably long-lasting friends from kindergarten and pre-school.

EEL gave them a great start to their school career - not only the knowledge and skills but also many good friends 🤍

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