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The most important feedback on the success of our work comes directly from the children - their smiles, their eyes that sparkle with the joy of learning and simply that they feel comfortable with us.


The English language has always been one of the most important factors for families in applying for an early childhood or pre-school place in our kindergarten. We also constantly receive good feedback from families about our homely kindergarten, small groups of children, warm and caring atmosphere, and our professional staff.

The feedback we receive from children and families is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for that!

In our kindergarten work, we are motivated to do our very best for the children who learn and grow up in our kindergarten; our client families feel that we are delivering above and beyond for their children.

We would love to see your child in our kindergarten!


To our delight, we have also heard from a few former kindergarten attendees about how daycare has supported their lives and what they remember about that time.

I was in Karakallio from 1995 to 1998. The kindergarten had an amicable leader and nice and flexible caregivers, some of whom were native English speakers (British). In Karakallio, there was space outside to play, and the concrete piglets in the lower yard were often part of the play :). Perhaps one of the most memorable experiences was the 'night school' in Preschool and how exciting and nice it was :). Also, we once had a space theme in the indoor games and made different props out of tinfoil; those different themes were fun.

I experienced the kindergarten as a safe environment to play at, to learn and grow together with my friends. Over the years, I have gained, of course, the ability to speak English, but also close friends, especially in the English-speaking class at school, where I continued after kindergarten. The language I learned at an early age has given me the confidence to use it, for example in a school or work environment. Had I not been fluent in English, I would certainly have had to consider a little more carefully whether I could go abroad to study, and I might not have gone at all.


I was one of the first children to attend kindergarten. I went on to a Finnish school since there was no language school in Kilo at the time. However, my language skills were already set in kindergarten and a certain spark was ignited during the school years to further improve my language skills. After high school, I ended up studying and living abroad for four years, from where I returned to my native Finland.

I am glad that I can now offer my children the opportunity to improve their language skills in a familiar environment from an early age. It has been wonderful to see how quickly my children's language skills are improving, and how we can enjoy the joy of children's learning every day! It is also wonderful to see how the children learn about diverse cultures, traditions, and holidays through the activities in the kindergarten. I could not ask for a better place to take care of our children!


The excursions were the best! English language was nicely picked up; it's coming along quite easily at the school now.

-Liini 8th grade.  

The excursions were the best; Fazer, Snow Queen, Karakallio park excursions and the weekly gymnastics excursions. English is going well; without the English immersion at the kindergarten, I probably wouldn't speak it so fluently.

-Kerttu 5th grade.

The daily nap was the best moment of the day! I always slept the longest. Vegetables and dipping sauce are a lovely snack. I did not like rain clothes.

-Maija 3rd grade.

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We would love to see your child in our kindergarten!