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Espoon Englanninkielinen Leikkikoulu is a non-profit private kindergarten run by a Parents' Association. The kindergarten association has been operating since 1992. The association's activities are based on the fact that all funds are used to produce high-quality early childhood education and pre-school education. The well-being of children and staff form the basis of our operations.

We are a reliable partner - we take responsibility as both an employer and a service provider!

The purpose of the association and the nature of its activities

  • The purpose of the association is to develop early childhood education services, support and supplement children's home education, promote children's learning opportunities and English language skills, and maintain the language skills of children who already speak English, creating good opportunities for children to participate in basic English education.
  • In order to achieve its purpose, the association maintains one or more kindergartens, which provide quality kindergarten services to families and where the development and well-being of children are best supported. Both early childhood education and formal pre-school education follow the English language immersion method. Thus, the children's upbringing and teaching work takes place mainly in English, but also in Finnish. Language is not just a goal but also a tool for learning.
  • The association is non-profit and therefore does not aim to obtain financial gain. All the funds of the association are used to maintain kindergartens - to implement high-quality early childhood education and pre-school activities.
  • Through daycare activities, the association provides children with good life skills and supports the early adoption of English.
  • We care about the whole family, and we want to provide a successful customer experience for the whole family.
  • The aim of the association is to promote the well-being of the children in early childhood education and pre-school education, and the well-being of the staff. This goal also guides the association's activities and decision-making.

  • The members of the association that maintain the kindergarten are the guardians of the children in the kindergarten, who also make up the association's board.
  • The association may accept grants, wills and donations to support its activities. 
  • The association may have full members, support members and honorary members.

A full member of the association

  • The full members of the association are all guardian(s) of the children in the kindergarten who have a valid early childhood education agreement with our kindergarten.
  • The board of the association approves the members via the kindergarten application. Full members pay the monthly price of the daycare place = association membership fee.
  • The annual meeting of the association is usually held in September. Additional meetings may be held if necessary. The members have the right to attend, speak and vote at the meetings of the association. Members thereby have the opportunity to influence and participate in the activities of the association, if so desired. 
  • Members are invited to influence and participate in the activities of the association; e.g. as a member of the Board, by providing their expertise, suggesting tips for excursions or other activities, or to maintain the community spirit of the association's activities. If you are interested in this as a member, please contact the head of the the association's board (

Board of the Association

  • The affairs of the association are managed by a board elected at the annual meeting of the association, which consists of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) members. The term of office of a member of the Board lasts until the next Annual General Meeting of the Association. The board represents the association.

  • The board strives to create good conditions for early childhood education and pre-school education by maintaining and promoting the well-being of its employees. With the staff's well-being and comfort at work as a priority, the association is profiled as a desired employer. A well-functioning work community provides a safe and inspiring growth environment for children.
  • The board is made up of voluntary parents of children who want to participate, develop and influence the operation of day care services.


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